6 Corrosion-Resistant Cars That Won’t Ruin Family Budget 

Most corrosion-resistant cars tend to be priced accordingly, justified by the technology used. In most…

Most corrosion-resistant cars tend to be priced accordingly, justified by the technology used. In most cases, the final cost of vehicles includes the zinc treatment. Nevertheless, you can find budget models on the market that have undergone high-quality processing, even though their price tag is lower than their expensive counterparts.

The used car mavens from Indy Auto Man reveal the top 6 used cars that can resist any climatic conditions and the aggressive impact of road reagents better than others. 

Ford Focus 

Americans know how to make reliable cars. Specifically, the Focus is a budget model among the rest of the few, the body of which is completely processed.

  • The technique used is hot-dip galvanizing. 
  • The coating thickness is 2-10 microns.

According to experts, protective treatment avoids corrosion for a very long time – up to 20 years. And this is more than an excellent indicator for a car belonging to the budget segment. 

Volkswagen Golf 

Most German companies make good cars, and Volkswagen is no exception. The Golf model gained a strong reputation and recognition among US drivers. However, there is one caveat regarding its body’s resistance to corrosion. Cars produced before 2003 received only partial processing. That is, it is impossible to guarantee that foci of corrosion will not appear somewhere. 

In 2003 Volkswagen started to use double-sided galvanizing of the entire body. That is, modern cars are highly resistant to corrosion attacks. In this case, the manufacturer gives a guarantee for 12 years. 

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Volvo XC90

The Swedish car producer also does a great job. Specifically, the Volvo XC90 model goes through a professional anti-corrosion treatment. 

  • An effective technique is used – full double-sided hot-dip galvanizing. 
  • The thickness of the protective coating varies between 2 and 10 microns, depending on the body element.

According to the testimony of the Volvo XC90 owners, corrosion can occur only after ten years. And during this period, the owner can feel calm about the car’s body. At the same time, used autos are available in many car dealerships. The quality of the protective layer of new and used vehicles is identical, which means that used cars will serve faithfully for a long time.

Honda Accord 

The Japanese automotive industry is known for producing quality vehicles, no matter what model comes off the assembly line. Specifically, the Honda Accord can boast a modern design and professional body processing.

However, early-released models (before 2005) handled worse than the recent ones. For this reason, early Accords are more likely to have rusted already. In the latest generation of cars, Honda solved this problem completely, as evidenced by the technical parameters: 

  • Galvanic treatment covers the entire body. 
  • The thickness of the applied coating is 9-15 microns. 

According to the manufacturer, the Honda Accord model will not corrode for 12 years, starting from the release date. 

Hyundai Accent 

Hyundai Accent is another model of the budget subcategory not affected by corrosion. These are the strong cars from the entire Hyundai family. Even today, traces of corrosion can hardly be found in models of the III generation (from 2006 to 2010). For the processing of cars, only partial cold galvanizing was used. For this reason, door sills may begin to rust. However, this phenomenon is extremely rare. And taking into account the cost of this budget option, this is an excellent indicator for a car in its price segment.

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Audi A6 

German car companies never cease to amaze with the quality of their products. Several models have already been mentioned, and the Audi A6 is the next in line. The production of this car started two decades ago, and many motorists in the US value its anti-corrosion qualities. New Audi A6 is expensive, but customers have many options on the secondary market to choose from. Used models are more affordable, and traces of rust will not be noticeable soon. Of course, if the car was not in an accident and the bodywork was not severely damaged.


Modern vehicles in many global markets boast long-term corrosion resistance of up to 12 years, and some cars do not rot for decades. Corrosion appearing on a relatively low-mileage used car is an alarming sign. Most likely, either the model is unstable to the appearance of traces and the growth of rust, or the vehicle regularly traveled through reagents and a sand-salt mixture, which also adversely affects the metal. The lower parts of the doors, sills, wheel arches, a niche under the rear bumper, and spars require particular attention when choosing a used car.